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Las Posadas

Las Posadas foods are prepared for celebrating Las Posadas, a Spanish festival, which is celebrated every year from the 16th -25th of December by the Catholic Mexicans and Latin Americans in remembrance of the difficulties Mother Mary and Joseph had to face on the days before Jesus was born to select a place for giving birth to the Son of the Lord. Las Posadas food is prepared on the last day of the celebrations when a feast is organized. Las Posadas recipes are festive and consist of a number of desserts and other dishes. The popular fare consists of a number of savory dishes apart from sweet dishes from the Mexican cuisine.

Popular Las Posadas Recipes
Las Posadas food mainly consists of various dishes from the Mexican cuisine. Some of them are discussed here

  • Ponche โ€“ this is one of the most popular Las Posadas foods. It is a hot pear punch made by boiling pear with other fruits. This appetizer is usually savored hot.

  • Anjitos โ€“ the recipes for these appetizer or snack foods are one of the most commonly included Las Posadas recipes in most households for the festival. They are essentially light and spicy bites. These include empanadas, ceviche, tacos, colaciones or moles.

  • Pozole- this spicy Las Posadas food is a stew made of hominy and pork.

  • Tamales โ€“ these are stuffed and steamed dough. These Las Posadas foods are not only an almost mandatory inclusion for Las Posadas but for many other Mexican holidays too.