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Hornazo is a Spanish meat pie that is native to certain regions as Salamanca and Avila in Spain and is usually stuffed with pork loin, hard-boiled eggs and spiced up chorizo sausages, which are the main ingredients of the filling. However, some people even enjoy wrapping dry and sweet bread with hard-boiled eggs, known as ‘bollo de hornazo’. Hornazo recipe is an essential part of the Easter cuisine, because eggs were prohibited during Lent as they were considered non-vegetarian. However, the eggs that were laid during Lent are hard-boiled and used later on to prepare the meat pie Hornazo.

History of Hornazo Recipe
Hornazo has its origin in the Salamanca and Avila provinces of Spain, where the pies were eaten during the traditional Lunes de Aguas festival, also known as “Monday of the Waters”. During Lent the prostitutes of the town were sent across the Tormes River to the other side (as ordered by King Phillip II during the 16th century), so that during the religious observances of Lent, the men were not distracted.

However, the Hornazo recipe became part of the “Monday of the Waters” celebrations, when the young students of the town had a party along the banks of the Tormes River, to celebrate the return of the prostitutes. It was during this time that everyone enjoyed the delicious and spicy Hornazo and it is also believed that that is how ‘Easter Eggs’ came into existence.

Preparation of Hornazo
Hornazo is enjoyed all through the year, though these pies are a part of the Easter traditions. Flour, yeast, water (at times even white wine) and olive oil are kneaded well and set aside for a couple of hours covered with a cloth. A little dough at a time is them rolled out to about 3 mm thickness and cut into 2 equal parts. One part of the dough is laid on a greased tray and filled with layers of pork loin, chorizo sausage and hard-boiled egg. Once done, the filling is sealed with the second half of the dough and coated with beaten egg. The pies are baked for about 35 minutes at 200 degrees F and served hot. Some people even enjoy other fillings such as bacon, chicken and even ham in their Hornazo.

Hornazo Recipe Trivia

Hornazo can get a nice golden yellow color if a little yellow food coloring is used while kneading the dough. It is best to use pressed yeast to be added to the flour.