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Higados De Conejo

Higados de conejo literally translated in English means ‘Liver of Rabbit’. This Spanish recipe details a very simple yet extremely delicious side dish made using rabbit-liver that pairs well with rice or bread toast. With fairly simple ingredients, the key to the success of this dish is that liver must not be overcooked, for it could become too tough and leathery.

Ingredients and Preparation

Rabbit livers, minced garlic cloves and onions, brandy, pepper, salt and oil are the basic requirements of this dish. Flour may be used optionally to coat the liver before pan-frying. Otherwise, only salt and pepper are mixed with the liver and set aside. In a skillet with little heated oil, minced garlic is added and fried followed by the onions. The seasoned rabbit livers are gently sautéed till both sides are slightly browned. The brandy is added and livers allowed to soak it in as it is reduced over medium heat.

Nutrition Information

On an average, a complete serving of Higados de conejo ~ 300 g would provide-

• 350 calories with 155 calories from fat

• Total Fat content of 11.1 g with 7.6 g saturated fat

• Cholesterol content of 421.8 mg

• Sodium content of 192.3 mg

• Total carbohydrate content of 9.8 g with dietary fibre content of 1.2 g and 2.2 g sugars, the remainder being other carbohydrate components.

• Protein content of 21.8 g.

Livers as such form the most nutrient-dense organs in any animal and especially rabbit livers are prized for being

• An exceptional source for high quality proteins and amino acids.

• Highly concentrated source of nutrients like Vitamin A, the B-vitamins, especially B12.

• A recommended source of folic acid, iron.

• Best source for trace minerals like copper, zinc, chromium, selenium.

• An acknowledged source of Purines which are nitrogen-based compounds that are important precursors for DNA and RNA synthesis.

Rabbit liver is in fact considered the mildest in taste and easily draws the flavours in which it is cooked.

Nutritional Enhancement

Addition of mushrooms could add immense value in terms of flavour as well as nutrients like B-vitamins, Vitamins A and C that strengthen immunity. They are valued as the only vegetarian source of Vitamin D which in combination with the minerals calcium and selenium, promotes bone health.