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Habas Con Jamon

Habas con jamon is a very popular Spanish recipe, which is traditionally prepared by using fresh broad beans and ham. This delicacy’s gravy is red in appearance and the people of Spain relish it. The preparation of this dish is very simple requiring less time.Habas con jamon is very famous in Granada and Madrid but it is regularly present in the menu of Del Dia. This delicacy is available in many stores, in restaurants, bars and can be prepared at home.

Ingredients and Method of Preparing Habas Con Jamon

The prime ingredients required in a Habas con jamon recipe are spring onions, chopped Serrano ham, minced garlic, fresh beans, dry white wine, chicken stock and butter. The initial step is to heat a saucepan in which the butter is melted and the onions, ham and garlic are stirred together by cooking for about 5 minutes until the spring onions turn tender. Then the fresh or frozen fava beans and the dry white wine are added and are cooked until the partial liquid gets evaporated. The chicken stock is added in the saucepan by cooking it in low flame for about 10 minutes. The saucepan should not be covered and should be simmered for about 10 minutes until the broad beans become soft in texture and its liquid is almost evaporated

Variations of Habas Con Jamon

Habas con jamon recipe offers many variations by substituting chorizo with ham and in this recipe; olive oil or pork fats can be used instead of butter. The normal onions can be avoided by using the spring onions as it contains more flavors. The delicacy can be seasoned with fresh parsley, oregano, mint, fennel seeds or smoked paprika and when the Habas con jamon is ready then a dash of sherry vinegar or lemon juice can be added and stirred.

Serving Habas Con Jamon

The traditional Habas con jamon recipe is served warm with breads as a starter, appetizer or as a tapas which is best accompanied with cold beer and sparkling wines. The Habas con jamon is served by seasoning with fennel, mint or parsley on a serving dish.

Some Health Facts Related to Habas Con Jamon Recipe

The delicacy is very healthy and consists of many nutritional values such as proteins, carbohydrates, potassium, sodium, sugars, fiber, magnesium, fats and calories. The traditional Habas con jamon consists of ham, which is a red meat which is not considered to be healthy and hence should be consumed in small amounts by those suffering from diabetes and hypertension.