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Frixuelos is a typical dessert belonging to Asturias and is made using basic ingredients like milk, flour and eggs. In appearance and taste they resemble pancakes. They are sometimes called Asturian crepes too and can be made both savoury as well as sweet.

Ingredients and Preparation

Eggs, flour, oil, milk, sugar and salt are required for preparing a batter and roasting it. In a bowl, the eggs are beaten with a pinch of salt and the milk is slowly mixed in. Gradually flour and sugar are added and whisked together. Very little oil is heated in a frying-pan. When the pan becomes quite hot, a ladleful of the batter is poured on to it, spreading evenly to form a very thin layer over the hot surface of the pan. Once it turns golden underneath, the crepe is flipped to cook the other side.


Before plating, some sugar is sprinkled on the serving plate and the same is done after the Frixuelos crepe is placed on the plate. It is usually rolled and eaten.

Nutrition Information

On an average, a serving of Frixuelos of ~ 50 g would deliver:

• 403 calories with 100.8 calories from fat

• Total Fat content is 14.4 g with 2.6 g saturated fat

• Total carbohydrate content is 58.6 g with dietary fibre content of 0.5 g and 6.2 g sugars.

• Protein content is 13.2 g.

• Calcium 174.1 mg, Iron 1.4 mg.

Nutritional Enhancement

This is a light and easy dessert which may be made healthier with the use of whole wheat flour combined with some almond flour to form the batter and using a pinch of cinnamon powder for flavour along with a drizzle of toasted honey-coated sesame seeds. In place of milk, fresh buttermilk may also be used to make the batter. Instead of sprinkling sugar, a few drops of honey may be used for a subtle sweetness. Other options could be unsweetened prune puree or pure sugar-free raspberry compote. These options serve as value additions to the Frixuelos in mutiple ways.