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Cocido is a stew, which is specially consumed by the people of Spain. Its main ingredient is the chickpeas. Its other ingredients can be vegetables and meat. It is mostly consumed in winter but in Spain, it is served in restaurants throughout the year. Cocido recipe is the most popular and is loved by the Spanish people. Cocido is a national recipe that has many varieties. This dish is made with slow methods so that it tastes good. It is also known as cocido madrilène because it was first founded in Madrid. This dish is prepared in a large and round shaped metal pot which is to be simmered for the entire day. While cooking cocido, it should not form bubbles. Before in Spain, middle class people use to make cocido recipe everyday with poaching meat.

Cocido Origin
It is said that the origin of the cocido dish is unsure. However, many say that it was founded during the middle age where adafina was introduced. Its first variation was known as Kosher which is made by using eggs and not using pork. In fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, cocido was modified due to the fear of Jewish by adding pork into it. A little later, the dish was made by adding bacon, lard, chorizo which is a pork sausage and morcilla which is a blood sausage. The cocido recipe was first founded in Madrid. Here, cocido is a staple cuisine. In 19th and 20th century, this dish became popular and famous due to its cheapness. It is the popular dish which is ordered by people in restaurants. Its popularity was reduced when different recipe came, but cocido is the favorite dish of the people. In Madrid, artisanal restaurants serve various types of cocido recipe but only on Tuesdays. Other traditional restaurants serve it everyday.

In this dish caldo is added which is a stock which contains various healthy juices. This can be taken anywhere in the world and in any recipe. But major of it is added in Spanish cuisines. It can be served as a side dish with cocido and even rice is to be served with it. In this dish, meat is added in all forms like fresh, salted and even sausage. This gives flavor but has to be cooked in a gentle manner for a long time. Meat is to be boiled but without taking out bones so that the stock is healthy for people. In cocido recipe herbs are included such as onion, garlic or leek. This dish can be served with fresh vegetables so that it looks colorful and attracts people and the dish becomes heavy.

Ingredients and method of preparing Cocido
The most important ingredient for preparing cocido is chickpea which should be large in size and is known as Kabuli. Even vegetables such as potato, cabbage, carrots and turnips are included. In Spain, sometimes green bean, mangold or cardoon is also added. In cocido recipe, many different meats are integrated such as pork, chorizo, morcilla, beef and even chicken. The basic ingredients, which should be included, are dry chickpeas which should be soaked for a night, one piece of beef, pork belly which should be fresh and salt should be used, beef bone marrow, boiled chicken and pig’s trotter is to be separated. For seasoning, garlic, bay leaves, crushed black peppercorns and even onion is integrated. Cocido even contain some vegetables such as potato, leek, carrots and cabbage. Even chorizos and morcilla is also used in this dish.

For preparing cocido recipe, the salted meat should be covered with cold water and is to be left for many hours so that it soaks. This dish is cooked in a large stockpot in which all the meat is to be packed together. On top, the chicken and trotter should be kept. Then garlic, bay leaves and peppercorns is added and the pot is covered with water. Cocido should be cooked by shimming the gas. The chickpeas are drained and then added to the pot. The pot is covered and it is to be cooked in low heat as possible for 1 ½ hours. However, the dish is to be checked frequently. Then onions are even added but no vegetables are included in this pot. In other pot, all the vegetables such as cabbage, potato, carrots and sausages are added.

If morcilla contains plastic skin then this is to be removed. Later, water is added for the cocido in order to cover the ingredients. Then a pinch of salt is added and the gas is simmered. It should be covered and cooked until the potatoes become soft. When it is ready, the vegetables and sausages are drained. Later the sausages are sliced. On a plate, the vegetables are arranged and then sausages are placed on top of it. Cocido recipe may be served with meat or before the meat. From the pot, the meats is removed. Then the chickpeas are collected together. Then the chickpeas are to be sliced and even all meats are to be sliced. Then cocido is served on a plate by adding broth in some quantity so that the dish gets moisture.

Varieties if Cocido
It has many varieties such as Madrilène which is famous in Madrid, maragota which is from Astorga, montanes which is available and loved in Cantabria and berza is founded in Cadiz.

Vriations of Cocido recipe
Cocidos are Spanish stews which are the traditional recipes of Spain. Cocido Madrileno is known as Madrid stew which is very popular. In this recipe, onion and garlic are omitted and the other ingredients are same of the cocido recipe. Even vegetables are included for variation in this dish. Broth is also a variant which is added in the dish to provide moisture. If broth is added in the dish then it can be eaten with pasta.

Serving Cocido
It is served hot and is served according to people’s preference. Some people may serve everything together but on different plates. It is served as a feast for people. Cocido is served in main course. It is served as a side dish or if vegetables are present then it can be the main entrée.

Cocido – Health Facts
It is really healthy if vegetables are included. Cocido has many nutritional facts such as it contains carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, iron, fats, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Cocido recipe can be enjoyed by everyone but in limited quantity as it is heavy and oily which can lead to obesity or the cholesterol level can increase.