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Caparrones is a kind of stew prepared in Spain with main ingredient being the red kidney beans known as caparrón in Spanish. Other ingredients that go into the dish include a highly spiced sausage known as the chorizo. Both the ingredients are regarded as specialties of the La Rioja region of Spain. The caparrón that is used to prepare the Caparrones are more rounded in shape than the regular kidney beans found elsewhere.

The plant bearing the beans are cultivated widely in the region of La Rioja. The Caparrones have a special cultural significance associated with this region of Spain. The recipe is noted for the strength of the dish. A number of restaurants in the region that specialize in local cuisines have added the name of the dish to that of the eatery.

History Of Caparrones Recipe

The Caparrones are indigenous to the La Rioja region of Spain and was eaten by the natives in all forms. The dish bears cultural significance something similar to that of the Asturian Fabada. The sturdier variety of the red beans grows in Anguiano and is subsequently more popular.

Ingredients And Popular Caparrones Recipe

A number of vegetables can be added to the Caparrones stew in order to make it more filling and nutritious apart from the soaked beans and chorizo, other parts from a pig like the pork, tail and bacon are added to the dish to make it more substantial. Carrots and leeks along with onions go into the stew as well which is served after simmering all the ingredients together for about an hour.

The bacon, pork meat and chorizo are removed from the stew and cut into small pieces before serving.

The kidney bean stew is usually served with one of the vintage wines from the region of La Rioja.

Variations Of The Caparrones Recipe

• Gallo Pinto- A Costa Rican dish of Fried rice combined with red kidney beans.

• Fabada Asturiana- A bean stew made by the Asturia community of Spain.

• Chili Con Carne- A spicy stew made from red beans is popular in Latin America as well as among the Caribbean population residing in Louisiana

Nutritional Facts Related to Caparrones Recipe

Caparrones is considered to be a healthy dish, rich in folates, manganese and dietary fiber. The dish is recommended for diabetics and it does not contain any sugar. However, a standard dish made from caparróns is also believed to increase flatulence.

Caparrones: Trivia

A popular variant of the caparrón plant is the Sin Palo which do not grow as tall as the regular.