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Benidorm Food refers to the food culture of the city of Benidorm, which not only comprises the local dishes but also encompasses the essence of Spanish cuisine in general. Perhaps Benidorm is one of those rare places across Spain which can boast of having a multi-hued gastronomical ethnicity where the dish preparations largely vary based on the availability of combining ingredients in that particular region. For e.g.: Lot of meat preparations involving the rabbit meat and chicken are popularly prepared and savored in Denia (Northern side of Benidorm), however this food culture is totally absent in Costa Blanca, where people depend on fish to fulfill their food needs. The food culture here is highly influenced with sea and inland farming. Being a port city – seafood and rice dishes form the backbone of the food culture.

Features of Benidorm Cuisine

  • The cuisine in general offers a variety of Paella options to choose from. The Tapas bars offer variousness in Paella soup preparations.
  • Grilled or boiled seafood preparations are the specialty of the region. The seafood is either stewed, or fried before including in various food preparations.
  • Garlic, olive oil and ali-oli sauce are the staple ingredients used in the food preparation.
  • Turones, almond cakes and ice creams are the popular desserts from Benidorm.
  • Misteleta and Horchata are the wines from the region.

The influences of various global food cultures can be observed in typical food Benidorm food preparations too.