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Basque Soup

Basque soup is any variety of soup that is prepared in Basque homes.The region is bounded by the sea on one side and looming mountain regions on the other side. This geographical difference results in a large variety of seafood soups as well as meat, chicken, and grain based soups that are served all through the year. Soups with French and Spanish influences are also common due to a common border.

Basque Soup Recipes: Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

Basque soups are usually cooked with seafood, or cured meats, vegetables, and legumes.

Serving and Eating

Most Basque soups are served with toasted bread, local wine and cheese.

Variations of Basque Soup Recipes

  • Hearty Soup is a vegetarian soup prepared by stewing celery, leek, potatoes, carrots, parsley, thyme and crushed tomatoes. Local sausages like Andouille and chorizo may be added to the recipe to add flavor.
  • Gerezi beltza arno gorriakin is a delicious cherry soup that is served locally. The cherries are poached in wine, sugar, and light syrup. The soup is usually served after 24 hours and it can be served hot or cold. Sour cream, crème fraiche or ice cream is served as an accompaniment.
  • A basquaise is a very popular soup that is prepared by simmering meat, seafood or chicken in a tomato, sweet or hot red pepper soup.
  • Basque fish soup is prepared by simmering onions, celery, garlic, butter, tomatoes, white wine, parsley, pepper and thyme with local fish. Shrimp, cuttlefish, squid and any local variety of fish may be used to make the soup.
  • Potato Basques soups are simple soups prepared by simmering potatoes with stock and a few extra vegetables. Sweet or savory local sausages may be added for texture and flavor.

Health and Nutrition Facts

A single serving of Basque soup contains 204.4 calories. The total fat content of the soup is 4.1 g, the total cholesterol content is 9.2mg, and the sodium value is 1,026.5 mg