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Basque Cake

Basque cake is a combination of cake and pie encasing thick pastry cream or black cherry jam which usually comes with a topping of sour cherry sauce. The procedure for making the dessert includes creation of two layers of flour pastry and stuffing it with flavored pastry cream.

Origin of Basque Cake Recipe
This is a French recipe originating from the Basque region, an area that borders France and Spain. In French, the delicacy is known as Gateau Basque where the traditional filling includes that of Itxassou cherries.

Ingredients and Method of Preparing Basque Cakes
This dish is prepared by making the pastry and the cream, which is slathered in between two layers of pastry and baked. First, the pastry is rolled out from a dough made with egg yolk, sugar, butter, flour, yeast, rum and vanilla which is lined at the bottom and the sides of the pot. After that, the pastry cream made of milk, vanilla bean, flour, egg yolk and sugar is evenly spread on the pastry layer and is covered with another layer of pastry. Finally, after being brushed with some egg yolk, the cake is baked.

Variations in Basque Cake Recipe
There are innumerable variations to the dish depending on where it is made. The stuffing can be varied in accordance to the requirements and availability. Sometimes, powdered almonds or lemon zest may also be used to make the pastry of the Basque cake and the yeast may be replaced with baking powder. The pastry cream may be flavored with almonds, anise, rum or Armagnac and the filling may also be alternated with black cherries jam which also gives the dessert its traditional look and flavors.

Serving Basque Cakes
It is cut into slices and is usually served warm as a dessert. It can also be served cold, topped with thick fresh cream, sour cherry sauce or cherries. Sometimes, the cake may be served decorated with almonds or chocolate or strawberry sauce. It is often eaten with fresh fruits and toasted almonds. It is considered as an ideal afternoon tea time snack.

Some Health Facts Related to Basque Cake Recipes
It is a high calorie dessert containing considerable amounts of protein, cholesterol and fat content. Basque cake is not recommended for diabetic patients and those suffering from obesity.