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Port Aux Basque Flipper Pie

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During April and May the flippers of young harp seals are used to make pie.
Many organizations have flipper pie suppers where pies several feet in diameter and holding 15 to 20 pounds of seal meat and gallons of vegetables are served.
The secret of success in making a tasty flipper dish is to see that all the fat is removed, as it has a strong flavor which will permeate the flesh if left on it (many housewives remove the fat with a razor blade).
Then wash the flippers in water to which one tablespoon of baking soda has been added.
The soda will turn any fat that is left white, thus making it easier to remove.
Render salt pork in a roasting pan, and fry the meat, which has been dipped in seasoned flour, on both sides.
Some cooks use cinnamon in the seasoning.
Then add a little water, onions, and parsnips; these add flavor and sweetness.
Cook, covered, until flippers are tender—1 1/2 to 2 hours, depending on the size.
In a separate pot cook carrots and turnips until partly cooked.
Remove the flippers from the pan and put in a casserole.
Make gravy, pour over the flippers, and add the vegetables.
Cover with pastry and bake until pastry is cooked.
Serve with partridge berry jam, black currant jelly, or lemon slices.

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Port Aux Basque Flipper Pie Recipe