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Paella with Shrimp and Chicken – Part 2: Cooking Shrimps

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  Chicken broth/Shrimp broth 3 1⁄2 Cup (56 tbs) (3 Cups For The Rice, 1/2 Cup For The Shrimp)
  Cooked shrimp 1 Cup (16 tbs) (Adjust Quantity As Needed)
For chicken / shrimp broth
  Raw shrimp 1 1⁄2 Pound, unpeeled (Large Size, Preferably With Heads 2 1/4 Pounds)
  Homemade chicken broth/Low sodium commercial broth 4 Cup (64 tbs)
  Dry white wine/Dry vermouth 1 Cup (16 tbs)
  Carrot 1
  Celery rib 1
  Onion 1 Small
  Ground coriander seed 1 Teaspoon
  Black pepper To Taste
  Salt To Taste
For paella
  Bone in chicken thighs 12 (Skin On)
  Salt 1 Pinch
  Black pepper 1 Pinch
  Unsalted butter 5 Tablespoon (Whole, As Needed For The Shrimp Sauce)
  Finely minced shallots 1⁄3 Cup (5.33 tbs)
  Finely minced bell pepper 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
  Finely minced garlic 1 Teaspoon, or pressed
  Medium grain rice 1 1⁄2 Cup (24 tbs) (Preferably Granza, Bomba Or Valencia)
  Diced fresh tomato/1/3 cup of tomato sauce 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)

Chicken/shrimp broth directions

1. Peel, de-vein, and butterfly the shrimp leaving the tails attached, and immediately return them to the refrigerator. Do not discard the shells or the heads if they€™ve got them.

2. Collect all of the shrimp shells, heads, bits, etc. and put them into a medium saucepan. Roughly chop the onion, carrot and celery and add them to a saucepan with the chicken broth, the wine, the ground coriander seed, and pinches of salt, pepper and saffron to taste. Let this liquid simmer for fifteen minutes.

3. Strain the chicken/shrimp broth through a fine sieve, and discard the solids. Keep the broth hot, and be sure to reserve 1/2 cup for later use with the shrimp. You should end with about 4-1/2 cups of strained broth, which is enough for the rice, the shrimp, and a reserve to moisten the rice during baking.

Chicken and rice directions

1. For better flavor and crisper skin, brined chicken is recommended. Whether brined or not, the thighs should be removed from the refrigerator about fifteen minutes before cooking.

2. Preheat your oven to 375 F.

3. Sprinkle the skin sides of the chicken thighs liberally with black pepper, and if not brined, sprinkle both sides with salt. (Brined thighs don€™t require additional salt.)

4. In a large (appr. 13€) oven-proof skillet or paella pan, melt 1 tbsp of whole butter and heat it until the foam subsides and the milk solids darken. Brown the thighs over very high heat, skin-side down, until crisp and golden (appr. 6 mins). Don€™t fiddle with them; turn them only once, and then brown the meat sides moderately (appr. 4 mins). Do not crowd the skillet and use the highest heat you can deliver; if you cook them at too low a temperature, by the time the skin is crisp, the chicken will have cooked through in the pan and will overcook later in the oven.

5. Remove the chicken, let it rest in a bowl, and remove all but 2 tbsp of fat from the skillet.
6. Add the rice to the pan and sauté it over medium heat until it becomes opaque.

7. Add the minced shallot, bell pepper, jalapeño pepper (if used), and a pinch of salt, and sweat the vegetables over medium heat without browning. When the vegetables have softened, add the minced garlic and sweat thirty seconds longer.

8. Add hot, strained chicken/shrimp broth, and any juices collected from the resting thighs, to the rice mixture, for a total three cups of liquid. Add the chopped tomato or tomato sauce, a pinch of salt, and another pinch of saffron threads.

9. Stir over high heat until the liquid reduces so that the thighs can be laid on top without sinking. There should be no liquid above the surface of the rice.

10. Remove the pan from the heat and place the browned thighs on top of the rice, skin side up, in a single layer. Arrange the thighs to cover the rice so that it won€™t dry in the oven, but leave half-inch gaps between each, allowing steam to escape around them; otherwise, they will be steamed from below, which will toughen them. As the thighs roast, their juices will moisten and flavor the rice.

11. Bake at 375 F uncovered for approximately 20 minutes. Once the paella is in the oven, you must start cooking the shrimp, but check it after ten minutes€™ baking. If the rice seems dry, add up to 1/2 cup of hot liquid, preferably leftover chicken/shrimp broth.

Shrimp directions

1. Once the paella is baking, preheat a 9-inch skillet over medium heat while you dry the shrimp meats with paper towels.

2. Add 1 tbsp of whole butter to the pan and heat it until the foam subsides, then lay the shrimp in quickly on their sides. Fry the shrimp on one side until cooked nearly, but not quite, to the middle. Working quickly, turn the shrimp and fry the raw sides. Remove each to a bowl when the middle shows a narrow raw band. Some will have to stay in the pan longer than others: pull each when the bluish, raw center reaches approximately 1/4 inch in width.

3. Set the shrimp aside and deglaze the pan with the reserved 1/2 cup of chicken/shrimp broth and a splash of white wine. When the liquid has reduced by two thirds, lower the heat, add any juices collected from the resting shrimp, and whisk in 1-3 tbsp of cold butter as needed to create a pan sauce. Season it with salt and pepper to taste. Keep the sauce warm, over very low heat, or it might break (if it should, whisk in a splash of broth and 1 tbsp of cold butter to emulsify it again).

Final assembly

1. Remove the paella from the oven when the rice is tender and the liquid has been absorbed, and set it on the stove.

2. Toss the shrimp briefly in the pan sauce to reheat them, and scatter them on top of the paella.

3. Spoon the remaining pan sauce over the chicken thighs.

4. Finally, garnish the dish liberally with chopped parsley, and sparingly with chopped cilantro, and serve it immediately. Typically, the pan is brought to table.

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Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Main Dish
Rice, Chicken
Cook Time: 
50 Minutes
This is the second part of the video which talks about cooking shrimps. This dish is made by cooking all the three main ingredients separately. By doing so, every ingredient is cooked just right ensuring that the end result makes every bite worth relishing!

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Saturated Fat 8.3 g41.7%

Trans Fat 0.1 g

Cholesterol 352.8 mg117.6%

Sodium 1212.3 mg50.5%

Total Carbohydrates 47 g15.6%

Dietary Fiber 1.6 g6.6%

Sugars 4 g

Protein 60 g119.8%

Vitamin A 53.3% Vitamin C 35.8%

Calcium 11.7% Iron 32.1%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet

Paella With Shrimp And Chicken – Part 2: Cooking Shrimps Recipe Video