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Soy is actually a species of east India’s legume and is basically an oilseed plant and not a pulse. Primarily, soy has been used by China since 5,000 years ago to increase the nitrogen in soil and further help in crop rotation. Now-a-days, Soy is consumed in both forms such as immature soy and proper soy. Mostly known as soybean and often misspelled as soy bean, it is a very healthy, low fat and relatively low cost protein source.

Soy is used in various forms in different parts of the world and is considered a great source of vegetarian protein food product. It is a proved fact that soy can give 5 to 10 times more of protein than any other vegetable in the market. The most famous soy products and dishes are nuggets, soybean oil, soybean milk and textured vegetable protein.