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Peruvian Wine Region

Peruvian wine, known for its superior quality, refers to the wine produced in different wineries of Peru, South America. Most wines from Peru are sold under the brands Bodega Tacama, Bodega Ocucaje, etc. A Peru wine is typically prefixed with the word “bodega” which in Peruvian means winery. Wines from Peru are fast gaining popularity in recent times and Ica is the wine hub of the country.

History of Peru Wine
The origin of Peruvian Wine can be traced to the introduction of wine in the country by Marquis Francisco de Caravantes from Spain in the 16th century.

Major Peru Wine Regions
Peruvian wine is produced mostly in the Ica region where wine grapes are grown. The other regions are Chincha and Pisco valleys. The hot and dry climate of the Ica region is balanced by the cooling effect of the Humboldt along the Pacific which is conducive for the production of Peru wine of a good quality which is known throughout the world.

Major Wineries Producing Peru Wine
Peruvian wine is chiefly made in three industrial wineries of the region. Tacama is the most reputed winery of the country and is famous for its Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet wines. Ocucaje is the next major wine region of the country, and is known especially for its wines of good quality. Vista Alegre the third major industrial winery of the country.