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Mazamorra is a maize based dish which is a traditional feature of the Latin American cuisine. The term refers to a drink made with hominy, water and milk in Columbia, a purple pudding made of purple corn, quince, pineapple, sugar and flavorings in Peru and a simple maize and milk porridge in Peurto Rico and Costa Rica. In Paraguay, it is prepared as a dessert with native 'locro' maize.


  • Mazamora Columbiana or Peto: This is a drink made with hominy or dried maize mote, water and milk. The hominy is cooked by boiling with water and then milk is added. This traditional Columbian drink is served with panela or guava paste. It is also called 'Peto'. It is most commonly consumed with lunch or dinner, and is sold by vendors on tricycles who have a large cauldron and announce their presence by means of a klaxton. They sell the base for the Mazarorra to which customers can add milk and panela.

  • Mazamorra Morada (Purple Pudding): This form of Mazamorra is native to Peru. It is a pudding made by cooking purple corn with water along with other ingredients like quince, pineapple, cloves, cinnamon sticks, sugar and lemon juice. The ingredients are cooked by simmering, and the liquid is strained and used to prepare the pudding together with cherries, apricots, dried prunes and corn starch as a thickener. This pudding is a special preparation for the Lord of Miracles day celebrated in October.

  • Mazamorra (Porridge): Mazamorra is prepared as porridge in Puerto Rico and Costa Rica by cooking maize in milk and then adding corn starch. It is sprinkled with powdered cinnamon before serving.

  • Kaguyjy: This is the version of the dish from Paraguay. It is a traditional dessert prepared with the native 'locro' maize in crushed form, sugar and honey. It became very popular in the country at the time of food shortage during the War of Triple Alliance, which took place between 1864 and 1870, as it was a cheap but nutritious substitute for a regular meal. It is prepared in three variants- kaguyjy eírare or Honey mazamorra, kaguyjy azucáre or sugar mazamorra and kaaguyjy kambýre or milk mazamorra.

  • Mazamorrha (Dessert): Mazamorrha is a popular dessert in Panama which is made with a fruit called nance. The pulp of the nance fruit is mixed with sugar or sugarcane honey and grounded tender corn and cooked to prepare the dish. The dish has custard like consistency and may be served warm with a topping of grounded cheese. Pesada is a similar dessert from Panama which is made by using flour instead of grounded tender corn.


Some dishes which do not contain maize also carry the term mazamorra in their name. For example Mazamorra de Calabaza is a Peruvian dessert made with pumpkin.