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Guatemala cuisine refers to the food eaten in Guatemala, a Central American nation bordering Mexico. The Mayan and Spanish food cultures are the main influencing factors on the food of Guatemala, and modern global influences of American and Chinese foods are also evident. The food here also includes various dishes from Mexican cuisine due to its proximity to Mexico. Corn is a staple food here, and is mostly eaten in the form of a thin pancake called tortilla. Frijoles or black beans are another important element of Guatemala cuisine, and eaten in refried, whole or mashed forms.

Common Ingredients of Guatemala Food

Corn and black beans are the main ingredients of Guatemala cuisine. Besides these, rice, eggs and milk products, particularly cheese, are a part of various dishes. Popular meats in Guatemala are turkey, chicken and beef. Beef is eaten in grilled, roasted or fried form. Guatemala coffee is considered to be of high quality and is mostly exported.

Popular Dishes from Guatemala Cuisine

  • Tortilla: It is a thin corn pancake that is found in street stalls as well as restaurants.
  • Nachos: They are corn tortilla chips that have been fried and topped with cheese, avocado, refried beans and chili peppers. It is a dish of Mexican origin.
  • Chicken Pepian: It consists of chicken in a pumpkin-sesame sauce.
  • Chilesrellenos: It is a dish of chili peppers which are stuffed with a filling of rice, meat, vegetables and cheese.
  • Guacamole: It consists of avocadoes that have been mashed and mixed with chopped vegetables like tomatoes and onions, and lemon juice. It is used as a topping for other Guatemala dishes or as a dish to be served along with chips.
  • Kak’ik: : It is a soup made of turkey and seasonings like coriander, chili peppers, etc. It is a traditional Mayan dish.
  • Spiced mango: It is a popular street food, consisting of green mango that has been sliced and spiced with chili and lime.
  • Elotes: They are ears of corn that have been roasted and seasoned with lime, chili, butter or mayonnaise and cheese.
  • Flan: It is a dessert similar to custard tart, with a pastry base.
  • Tres Leches Cake: It is a cake soaked in different forms of milk, namely evaporated milk, sweetened and condensed milk and cream.
  • Coffee: It is a popular beverage, and preferred weak, with lots of sugar.
  • Licuado: It is a drink made of fruit juice, water or milk and a sweetening agent.

Places famous for Guatemala Food

Authentic Guatemala food is best enjoyed at street stalls and local eating joints. Besides this, there are many restaurants offering local as well as international food, and coffee shops are also common. Guatemala cuisine food is known to be quite inexpensive, except for food served at tourist spots.