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Colombian food, mainly influenced by the Spanish cuisine, is popularly known as Native American food. Colombian cuisine is widely appreciated all around the world for its delicious dishes and friendly services. The special attraction of Colombian food is bizarre fruits, array of rum, and Colombian coffee. A proper Colombian diet always include tubers like potatoes, arracacha, yam, cassava, and various kinds of meats such as beef, chicken, pork, or fish. Although there are no national dishes as such, recipes like arepa and tamal are known as the staples of Colombian cuisine. Some of the other popular dishes of Colombian cuisine are sancocho, ajiaco, cuchucos, sopa de mondongo, and bandeja paisa.

Historical and Cultural Influences on Colombian Food

Colombian food is significantly influenced by various well known cuisines like Argentinian, Brasillian, Peruan and Mexican. Colombian food also represents Colombia’s flora and fauna and high agricultural potential. In addition to this, the culinary spectrum of Colombian recipes also contains Italian, Spanish and other European influences. In ancient times, beef was considered to be the main ingredients in traditional Colombian recipes. Moreover, Colombian coffee soon became one of the most historical and national symbols of Colombian food.

Cooking Methods Adopted by Colombian Cuisine

Colombian food comprises of mostly fried dishes and frying is one of the most common cooking methods. Some of the popular fried recipes in Colombian cuisine are fried puff squares, fried cheese puffs, and fried plantain. Pre-heated vegetable oil is often used for making most of these fried dishes. Traditional Colombian Recipes Colombian food is known for having some of the most delicious traditional recipes from South America. These traditional Colombian recipes are not only appreciated in the country, they are also popular all around the world. Some of famous traditional Colombian recipes are mentioned below:

• Lechona: Lechona is a widely appreciated stuffed pork dish. The stuffing is made up of onions, peas and rice.

• Sanchocho: A typical South American soup, Sanchocho is prepared differently in Colombia with lots of vegetables.

• Tamales: These are a type of corn “cakes” that are steamed while wrapped in a banana leaf. These can be stuffed with anything starting from potatoes, carrots, peas, rice to chicken.

• Aijaco: Aijaco is a popular Columbian potato soup with large pieces of meat. It is also appreciated for the perfect usage of corn and herbs for special flavoring.

• Bandeja paisa: The Bandeja paisa is popular for using the 13 different ingredients such as white rice, red beans, ground meat, pork rinds, plantain, friend eggs, chorizo, Hogao saunce, arepa, avocado, mazamorra, black pudding, and panella.

• Asado: It is a traditional meat recipe that provides special flavor to the meat. It is mostly made up of beef as the main ingredient.

Festive and Special Colombian Foods

Colombian food shares a special relation with Colombia’s festivals, national holidays, carnivals and rituals. There is a special food for almost all special occasions. Colombia celebrates its national day on 20th July and corn & bean meals are always a part of the celebrations. Beef dishes are especially a part of the festival and special occasions of Colombia. On almost all festivals, there is a special tradition of cacao drinking. The recipe of Colombian cacao drinks includes corns, ground chocolates, anise and lima beans.