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Cazuela( meaning stew pot in Spanish) is South American cone soup/stew which has Hispanic origins. The national dish of Chile and is prepared using Vaca (beef), Pescado (fish) and Pollo (chicken), it is cooked in the thick flavored stock by combining meats, and vegetables like pumpkins, carrot and potatoes. In Chile cazuela is cooked in clay pot by combining meat and vegetables and it is lovingly dubbed as Chile’s Little Pot. This soup/stew can be prepared in hundred of ways as per one’s personal taste preferences and it derives its name from the pot in which it is cooked.

History of Cazuela Recipes
Historians say that origins of cazuela soups or stews are as old as the cazuela pot itself. There are no concrete evidences as when and where the dish was cooked for the first time, but student of Chilean culinary history suggest that it was first prepared by mixing Mapuche dish korrü and the Spanish olla podrida.

Cazuela Recipes- Commonly Suggested Ingredients
The base for cazuela soup/stew is prepared by finely frying onions and garlics. This fried mixture is tossed with parsley, bay leaves, thyme and a soup stock in cazuela pots. Large chunks of vegetables such as tomato and potato are added to the stew to increase it texture and the main focus is normally on fish, lamb or chorizo.

Cazuela Recipes – Popular Varieties

  • Cazuela Marinera: In Spain this seafood soup is prepared combining clams, mussels, white wine and green onions.
  • Cazuela De Ave Con Chuchoca (Poultry And Vegetable Stew): This is also a type of Chilean stew which is prepared by combining poultry (turkey or chicken) with vegetables.
  • Cazuela de Vaca: Chilean stew prepared from beef, corn and pumpkin.
  • Cazuela Gaucho: This is a typical Argentine chicken stew prepared by combining chicken with carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, parsnips and white wine.
  • Cazuela de Camarón: This is typical Ecuadorean stew prepared using fresh water or salt water fish. Sometimes chicken stock is also used as substitute for fish.
  • Cazuela de Cordero: This is a lamb stew prepared using the lamb and vegetables.

Cazuela recipes – Health and Nutrition Facts
The cazuela soups are rich in proteins but they may also have large amounts of fats and carbs depending upon the ingredients used. The vitamin and mineral content of the cazuela soup/stew varies depending on the type of the ingredients used. The cazuela soup normally has low GI values. The healthiest cazuela soups are the ones which hare prepared using fish, chicken and vegetables. The healthiest cazuela stews contain minimum added fats and are hearty and nutritious.

Cazuela Recipes- Miscellaneous Facts
Cazuela soups/stews are normally enjoyed during the winter months. And it is enjoyed with the bread.