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Belizean food from the country of Belize along the Eastern coast of North America reflects a fine blend of cultures from across the adjacent territories as well as invaded influences. Besides these, the country also has original traditional range of dishes. The Popular preparations from Belizean cuisine include conch fritter, Dukunu, Hudutu, Boil-up, Tamales and Tortillas.

Classification of Belizean Cuisine

Belizean food preparations are not particularly classified as such although there are variations with respect to the food culture in the Northern part and the Southern part. The Northern Belizean region has more Mexican influences using similar ingredients such as fish assortments like cherimoya and memey. The Southern Belizean food culture has borrowed influences from Spanish cuisine that is evident from the usage of nuts, cocoa, spices and seeds. The cuisines of Mestizo, Garifuna and Maya cultures and Kriol communities are the significant regional variations in Belizean cuisine.

Historical and Cultural Influences on Belizean Cuisine

Belizean food has influences of Mexican, Malay, Carribean and Spanish cuisines. The usage of rice, coconut milk and beans come from the Mexican and Malay influences. The wide usage of tomatoes in many dishes comes from the Spanish influences. The usage of Chili peppers such as chipotle and habareno are again Mexican influences. Fruit usage in dishes such as pineapples, bananas and papayas come from the Carribean influence.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Belizean Food

Ingredients used in Belizean food preparations are diversified and influenced.

  • Spices include garlic, black pepper, allspice and ginger.
  • Herbs include thyme, epazote, vanilla, white cinnamon, achiote (along with annatto seed), avocado leaf, hoja santa and garlic vine.
  • Vegetables include yam, green banana, black bean, onion, kidney bean and tomatoes.
  • Meats include salted beef, chicken, lamb, seafood and fish.
  • Fruits include starfruit, golden apple, kraabu, jackfruit, pineapple, malay apple and banana.

Traditional Belizean Cuisine Recipes

Rice and beans or the stewed rice with beans and coconut milk happens to be a prevalent Belizean food preparation on many occasions.

Brown Stew made of either Chicken or Beef is a popular stew among Belizean food.

Garnaches happens to be a conventional Mestizo food consisting of fried corn or wheat tortilla covered with shredded cabbage, carrots, refried beans, vinegar, cheese, and salt.

Stewed hicatee, corned fish and sorrasee are other popular traditional foods made during festivals and holidays.

Caldo de pollo is a soup preparation from Latin American culture made using vegetables along with chicken.