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Batida De Coco

Batida de Coco is Brazilian coconut flavored liquor which is prepared from a rum or cachaca. Brazilians consider this as one of the best mix drinks because it incorporates flavors of various fruits. It has become an integral part of the Brazilian tropical cocktails and is an indispensable part of the barware culture too. Batida de coco is blended with ice or is enjoyed as a smoothie style drink. Normally the drink is prepared by blending one shot of coconut milk or fruit juices, cachaca and spices such as sugar and cinnamon. Batida means shaken or milkshake in Portuguese and refers to crash. Various drink variants are observed and prepared throughout Brazil and surrounding countries.

Popular Batida de Coco Recipe Variations

  • Brazilian Night Cocktail: The vodka is mixed with blue curacao and coconut flavored liquor. This cocktail can be enjoyed with a crushed ice.
  • B³: Bailey’s Irish Cream, coconut flavored liquor and Becherovka are mixed in varying proportions and the drink is served chilled.
  • Lick Lola: The white rum, coconut flavored liquor, Malibu, grenadine and strawberry juice is mixed to produce this party drink. This is mostly served with big strawberry.
  • Batida de Curaçao Cocktail: This drink is produced by mixing white rum with coconut flavored liquor and blue curacao. This cocktail is mainly served after garnishing with orange slice and pineapple.
  • Carribean Milk Recipe: Malibu and coconut rum, coconut flavored liquor, vanilla syrup, milk and ice are mixed in unique proportions to prepare this party drink. This is normally served in a highball glass.
  • CocoCabana Recipe: This party drink is prepared by mixing white rum, pineapple juice and coconut flavored liquor. It is often served after garnishing with cherry and pineapple piece.
  • Cactus Bat Recipe: This is one of the popular Batida de coco recipe variations, which refers to exotic party drink prepared by mixing the coconut flavored liquor with cactus fruit juice.

Served Batida de Coco
In the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, batidas are enjoyed with the Brazilian national dish, feijoada. Lemon or passion fruit is substituted in place of the coconut. The drink is mostly enjoyed in a Zombie glass.

Popular Batida Coco Recipe Variations (other than Batida de Coco)

  • Batida de Amendoim - This drink makes use of peanuts in its preparation
  • Batida de Mango- Mango is used in this variation
  • Batida de Limao- Lime is used here ( Fresh Lime Juice is preferred, not Lime Chunks)
  • Batida Abacaxi- Pineapple is added in this drink
  • Batida de Maracuja- Passion Fruit is used in this variation
  • Batida de Caju- Cashew Fruit is used as the flavoring agent in this variation
  • Batida de Morango- Strawberries are essentially added in this variation
  • Batida de Cafe- this is coffee based drink