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Barros Jarpa

Barros Jarpa is a savory Chilian ham and cheese sandwich which is popularly served in Chilean restaurants.

Historical Facts of Barros Jarpa
Barros Jarpa got is famous name owing to the fact that it was the favorite sandwich of Minister Ernesto Boarros Jarpa, who always preferred to have it in comparison to other foods at the restaurant of the Chilean National Congress. Along with its sibling the Barros Luco( so named after Ramon Barros Luco, the cousin of the President as it was his favorite) , made with beef instead of ham, the sandwich has become a popular restaurant food of Chile.

Ingredients Prescribed by Barros Jarpa Recipe
Barros Jarpa is a simple dish which is made with very few ingredients. Sandwich bread, Monetary Jack Cheese, olive oil and ham are the only ingredients required for preparing this sandwich.

The Barros Jarpa Recipe
Unlike many western sandwiches the Barros Jarpa is not baked or grilled. It is prepared by simply toasting the sandwich bread with the ham and cheese filling. Cooked ham and cheese are placed on one slice of the bread which is topped with another slice of bread. Olive oil is heated in a pan and the sandwich is toasted in the oil till the cheese melts.

Wine Pairing Suggestions for Barros Jarpa
Serving suggestions for Barros jarpa recipe include serving it with some good Chilean wines like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and some white wines like Chardonnay. A lot of Chilean Merlot, identified to be actually Carmenere, is also a preferred partner for the this popular Chilean sandwich.