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Alguashte is a seasoning that is Salvadorian in origin made from ground pepitas. Alguaste is usually sprinkled over every dish. The simple nutty powder can accentuate the taste of the dish. The powder is also added to soups, gravies and other dishes as a thickener. Pepitas is the Mexican or Spanish name for the seeds and they are powdered to make the ingredient.

History of Alguaste

Alguashte origin is not known but most households in Salvadorwill have a bottle of stuff lying on the dinner table. According to tradition, the powder is created by frying, toasting and powdering pepitas or pumpkin seeds. The powder could have a Mayan origin as the Spanish states used to consume pumpkins and pumkin seeds since ancient times. In the Americas, the vegetable as well as the seed has been consumed for several centuries.

Nutritive Value of Alguaste Recipes

Alguashte is made from pumpkin seed that is very high in protein, and essential minerals. A single cup of the seeds and powder will be able to provide about 20% of the daily recommended intake of iron, manganese, magnesium, copper and potassium. The seeds and powder also contain high amounts of favorable oils and vitamins like vitamin E.

Buying/Storing Tips

Alguashte varieties are numerous and the actual commercial production of the powder will vary. The powder can be sourced online through local Salvadoran websites that will supply the ingredient