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Yam Soup

Yam soup is a dish prepared with the flesh of yam, a staple food crop in the tropical areas, where it is commonly used as vegetable. The ivory – yellow soup has an intense taste and creamy texture.

Yam soups are usually quite simple and prepared with lots of flavoring ingredients, as yam itself does not have much taste. This starchy tuber is extremely used in soups in the African, Oceanian, Latin American and Asian cuisines.

Yam Soup Recipe: Ingredients and Preparation Overview

Yam soup particularly includes the flesh of yam that is generally yellow in color. The skin of the vegetable is very hard, hence discarded. Generally, yam requires very less time to cook therefore no prior boiling or steaming is required. However, for a smoky flavor, yam is sometimes roasted before being added in the soup. It is diced and incorporated in the soup with other ingredients such as vegetable or chicken stock, onion (chopped or minced), curry powder, salt, black pepper and garlic powder. Onion powder is often added to enhance the flavor of the soup. Quite often, various herbs like parsley, oregano, thyme and basil are included to impart aromatic flavors to the soup. Fruits like apple are a very popular addition to the sweet soups containing yam.

Yam soup is normally served hot along with rice, crackers and salad. Few recipes call for rice being cook within the soup and served as a complete meal.

Creamy yam soups are also extremely liked in different cuisines. Sour cream and buttermilk are added to make smooth and creamy soups.

Popular Yam Soup Recipes

  • African yam soup – A very popular soup with several variations, it can either be prepared with chicken stock or vegetable stock. Tomato paste or fresh tomatoes add tanginess to the soup. Fresh hot chilies are added to include spiciness whereas cumin, allspice and garlic impart aroma to the soup.
  • Yam-apple soup – It is a delicious option for vegetarians. However, chicken broth can also be included to provide rich flavor. Granny Smith apples are particularly used by this recipe, but any variety of apples can be used. Yogurt and sour cream are specifically used to provide a smooth and creamy texture to the soup. Peeled and diced yam is incorporated in this dish. Seasonings and herbs can be included as per choice.
  • Roasted yam soup – Roasting enhances the sweet flavor of the yam and the soup is adorned with caramelized onion and garlic. Yam can be roasted in an oven for an hour or so, and then sautéed in the butter or oil with caramelized garlic and onion. A pinch of nutmeg and a dollop of sour cream are the common additions to this hearty soup.

Nutritional Value of Yam Soups

Yam is a very good source of energy and contains high amounts of starch and proteins. Body muscles and nerves require potassium for proper functioning and yam is one of the best foods to provide these nutrients.The yellowish-flesh of the vegetable provides enough beta-carotene which makes the yam soup highly nutritious.