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Walnut Soup

Walnut soup is a dish prepared with walnut as the main ingredient, either in chopped or paste form. Walnuts are added to the soup to add a nutty flavor to the dish along with a crunchy mouthfeel.

Walnut Soup Recipe Overview

There are different varieties of walnut soup that include the nut in different styles. Some soups require skinless nuts, hence, blanching is done to take out the skin. Walnut puree is also a very common ingredient in most of the walnut soups. It is generally prepared by chopping the walnuts and processing them in a blender with water or other ingredients of the soup.

Some of the most popular soups prepared with walnut contain cornstarch, cream, and cheese as the other ingredients. Vegetable or meat stock is included to liquefy the soup. Very minimal seasoning is done in walnut soup that quite often includes salt, cayenne or black pepper and herbs like sage and thyme. Parsley and celery are the popular garnishes for walnut soups.

Cooking these soups require very less time and most commonly boiling and simmering methods are used. All the ingredients are stir-fried in fat and simmered until a desired consistency is reached.

Popular Walnut Soups

  • Walnut and fennel soup – It is a very uniquely flavored soup that is served with its own special accompaniment. Sage Derby puffs are specially prepared to be served with this soup. Fennel, onion, walnut and vegetable stock are the main ingredients for the dish that are combined, simmered and pureed to form a thick soup. Derby cheese is the garnish that is sprinkled on the soup while serving.

  • Creamy black walnut and cherry soup – American black walnuts are significantly used to flavor this American specialty. Pitted cherries, chicken stock, fresh thyme and cayenne pepper are combined with chopped walnuts for the preparation of this dish.

  • French walnut soup – Being a French delicacy, this soup dish has a creamy texture with the addition of Asiago cheese and half-an-half cream. Walnuts are pureed along with onion to make this thick walnut soup.

Nutritional Facts Related to Walnut Soups

  • Walnut is a good ingredient that helps in reducing bad cholesterol.

  • This soup dish is a good source of protein.

  • The useful dietary fiber present in walnuts makes the soup dish extremely beneficial in constipation.

  • This soup also contains essential fatty acids which come from the walnuts.