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Tapioca Soup

Tapioca soup is prepared from the root of the cassava plant. The root is processed to extract the starch in it, which is used to form stick, flakes, pearls, and fine powder that are employed as texturing agents, generally, in the commercial packaged soup mixes.

Tapioca Soup Recipe: Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

Tapioca soup may contain the actual boiled root or the processed starch which is being used to thicken the soup. Other ingredients like chicken and meat may be added after the tapioca root has cooked through. Herbs, spices salt and pepper are also added depending on the individual recipe.

Serving and Eating Tapioca Soup

Sweet and savory versions of tapioca soups are very common in the East. These can be consumed hot or cold and as breakfast dishes, as starters or as dessert soups.

Popular Tapioca Soup Variations

  • A soup recipe employing the Chinese sweet tapioca pearl, honeydew melon and coconut milk is very popular. The tapioca pearls are soaked for a few hours for softening, which are then added to the coconut milk, honeydew melon and simmered. Sugar and cardamom may be added to flavor the soup.

  • A simpler dessert soup or porridge can be made by simmering tapioca and then, mashing the root. The taro is then, cooked with coconut milk, pearl tapioca and sugar to form a thick soup.

  • A savory Thai version of the same soup calls for simmering the tapioca pearls in a thick meat broth or pork and chicken alongside the local Thai herbs like ginger, garlic and spices. A sweet Thai version is also common where the root is cooked with jackfruit to form a dessert soup.

  • A sweet Vietnamese version of the tapioca soup is made by simmering the tapioca pearls with coconut milk, bananas and vegetables.

  • In Myanmar, the root is simmered with milk and served with white bread and ice cubes as a sweet soup.

Health and Nutrition Facts Related to Tapioca Soup Recipe

A single serving (334g) of Tapioca soup with pork meat contains 186.7 calories. The total fat content is 3.8g, the total cholesterol content is 9.9mg, the sodium content is 1472.75mg, the total potassium content is 367.8mg while the protein content is 8.6g.