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Sour Soup

Sour soup is a term that refers to a variety of soups in any number of national cuisines. Usually the sour soup is known by its distinctive name bestowed on it by the regional cuisine. Sour soups are quite popular in East Asian, Southeast Asian and Slavic cuisines. Some of the common names for sour soup include hot and sour soup, Tom yum soup, sweet and sour soup and the Vietnamese specialty canh chua soup. In Philippine fish sour soup is made called sinigang. Sour soup recipe can be prepared in a number of ways and an assortment of ingredients can be used. Ideally, chicken broth, shredded chicken pieces, mushrooms, carrots and bamboo shoots are required. All these ingredients along with vinegar and hot pepper sauce needs to be boiled in a large saucepan. A mixture of cornstarch, sherry and soy sauce needs to be made in a small bowl and this should be added to the chicken broth mixture.