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Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soup is a liquid of variable consistency prepared by using a variety of ingredients. Its color also varies according to the content; for example, the soup acquires a white creamy color by the addition of milk or a reddish color due to the addition of soy sauce. The soup is prepared as per the traditional soup recipe but one can add on variations in the recipe as per choice. Mushrooms can be added by sautéing, grilling or boiling as per the style of the soup.

The cream of this soup is known as condensed canned soup (America’s béchamel) in America, is used as a base ingredient in other recipes, and is similar to the mushroom flavored gravy. The soup appears colorful with a wide range of herbs sprinkled on top as garnishing. The mushroom soup is a nutritious soup where the sodium and calorie content varies according to demand.

Origin of Mushroom Soup Recipe

The Campbell Soup Company in America prepared the first cream of mushroom soup. However, the first soup was prepared in Tuscany situated in Central Italy.

Ingredients and Method of Preparing Mushroom Soups

Preparation of this soup is simple and takes very little time. The prime ingredients required in the recipe are fresh mushrooms, oil, butter, leeks, shallots, garlic cloves, mushroom broth, cream, black pepper and thyme. The first step in the procedure is to heat the butter and olive oil in a large skillet. Then the leeks are sliced, shallots are chopped and then they are added to the pan. Garlic is also integrated and then, the mix is cooked for few minutes with constant stirring until the ingredients soften. Care must be taken that the contents do not acquire brown color.

The next step according to the Mushroom soup recipe is to slice the fresh mushroom and add them to the skillet. They are stirred over medium flame for about 5 minutes until they too soften. The next step in the preparation of mushroom soup is to empty the mushroom stock into the skillet and bring it to a boil. If instead of using fresh mushroom, dried mushrooms are used, they are sliced and soaked in water for some time. Then, the soaked mushrooms, the soaking liquid, thyme, salt and pepper are added. The pan is covered partially and is simmered for half an hour over low flame with occasional stirring.

Three quarter of the Mushroom soup is poured into a blender and processed until it becomes smooth. This is responsible for the thick consistency of the final soup. The processed soup is poured back into the pan containing the one quarter of the soup. Double cream is added and the content is cooked until it starts boiling. The consistency is checked and if the Mushroom soup is too thick, more mushroom broth is added to get the required consistency.

Serving Suggestions as per Mushroom Soup Recipe

The prepared mushroom soup is served boiling hot in glass deep soup bowls and various seasonings are added to it. The soup is topped with fresh thyme springs, rosemary or oregano. Powdered paprika can also be used as a garnishing along with black pepper. The soup is traditionally served before the main course but can also be consumed as an appetizer if it contains other vegetables and meats. It can be served along with a side dish although it can also be consumed all by itself. Garlic bread compliments the soup and pasta probably goes best with it.

Variations of Mushroom Soups

A large number of variants can be prepared by varying the ingredients. The chicken and Mushroom soup is most popular variant, which is prepared with chicken broth and sautéed mushrooms. The mushroom barley soup is a smokier soup, which is made with grilled mushroom and barley. The soup with cream of mushroom is prepared with mushroom, cream, butter and flour. Other variations include French onion soup with slices of mushrooms, golden Mushroom soup, which is thinner and lighter, mushroom and oyster soup, which lowers the cholesterol and stimulates the immune system, mushroom and paprika soup and many more.

Some Health Facts to Mushroom Soup Recipe

A typical mushroom soup is high in calories and fats. The soup provides with carbohydrates, sugars, proteins and vitamin A. Cream of mushroom is low in cholesterol and can be used in moderation in other dishes to add flavor and consistency without raising the fat content. People who require low sodium in their diet should consume the Mushroom soup in moderation, as the soup has an extremely high content of sodium. The broth soup is more nutritional than the cream soups and is low in calorie and fat content.

Miscellanous Facts of Mushroom Soups

Mushroom soup is usually purchased in canned form and is cream based with high levels of fats and calories. The soup is usually incorporated into other recipes like in casseroles and rice dishes to add a new taste to it. Preparing Mushroom soup is a wise and creative way of using the waste fungi, which usually pollutes the environment. Along with mushrooms, all types of spices, meat and veggies can be made use of.