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Mint Soup

Mint soup is a very delicious appetizer which is basically prepared with mint leaves, ginger, coriander and cumin seeds. This soup is considered to be a very healthy and natural solution for various kinds of seasonal ailments like cough, cold and sore throat. Also, the soup helps in keeping the digestive system in good health. The medicines and pills that are commonly recommended to deal with seasonal health related problems are enriched with chemicals; hence posing some side effects. Mint broth is a natural alternative to chemically enriched pills and does not have side effects.

Mint Soup Recipe- Ingredients and Preparation Overview

The basic recipe for mint soup requires mint leaves, grated ginger, tamarind juice, water, jaggery, cumin seeds, coriander, salt, mustard seeds, red chili, and oil as the essential ingredients.

Oil is heated in a pot, to which mustard seeds, cumin seeds, ginger paste, mint leaves, dry red chilies, and coriander leaves are added and fried for some time. Thereafter, the remaining ingredients are added and the mixture is brought to boil. The soup is now ready to be served hot.

Mint Soup Recipe Variations

The recipe for mint broth may vary in terms of ingredients used. Here are a few recipe variations of mint based soup.

  • Peas based mint soup is one of the popular variations, which is widely consumed during winters. This recipe suggests grinding together mint leaves, garlic, boiled peas, and sautéed onions, and then boiling the entire mix in a pot, seasoning it with salt and pepper, adding some milk to the mix, and serving the soup hot after garnishing with fresh cream or corn nibbets.

  • In one of the variations, tomato is used in the preparation process. Cumin seeds, chopped garlic, and green chilies are sautéed first, and thereafter chopped tomatoes are added, along with vegetable stock and salt, and the mixture is brought to a boil. The soup is garnished with chopped mint and deseeded tomatoes, and served hot.

  • The cold version of the mint broth also exists, which suggests boiling peas in stock (chicken stock or vegetable stock), adding celery, onions, bay leaves, cloves, mint, pepper and salt, and boiling the mix for some time. The prepared soup is then sieved and chilled, to which lemon juice and cream are added before serving. Mint sprigs can be used for garnishing this chilled mint soup.