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Ginger Soup

Ginger soup is a term which can be used to refer to soups which contain ginger as its main ingredient. In Asia, ginger is used to flavor the food preparations and is used as spice too. The soup is prepared by crushing ginger and boiling it with other ingredients. The soup made up of ginger is mostly served as a part of treatment to cure cold and coughs. Sometimes the ginger is combined with other vegetables during soup preparation for added flavor. In most of the South Asian countries the ginger is added to savory soups in large quantities for flavoring and they too are known as Ginger soups.

Ginger Soup Recipe: Ingredients and Method of Preparation
This soup is normally enjoyed by Chinese over the regular meals and they believe that it will boost their digestion. The soup is prepared using ingredients such as water, fresh ginger root and brown sugar. The ginger root is sliced thin and boiled with water and sugar. The soup is strained and ginger is discarded before serving the soup.

Ginger Soup Recipe Variants

  • Healing Asian Ginger Soup: This is a popular soup from Asia and is prepared with a chicken stock base instead of water. The soup is prepared with ingredients like homemade chicken stock, fresh ginger root, sliced white mushrooms, green onion and spinach leaves. The ginger root is sliced and boiled with stock and cooked with mushrooms, spinach leaves and green onion. This appetizing soup is normally served as the first course in many of the traditional dinners.

  • Ginger Carrot Soup: This soup is best served as an appetizer. The soup is prepared with carrots, celery, peeled and chopped ginger, carrots, onion, chicken stock, butter and salt. The carrot is sautéed in butter along with ginger and other vegetables and boiled with chicken broth. The soup is pureed and served after adding the lime juice or zest. The soup tastes good when served fresh but it is also served chilled as per the taste preferences.

    The soup is altered a little and served as the portion of a diet to pregnant and breast feeding women in many of the Asian countries. The soup is cooked with onions, grated ginger, carrots, canola oil, chicken broth, and ground pepper & nutmeg.

  • Green Pea and Ginger soup: This soup is best served as an appetizer. It is prepared using garbanzo beans, cumin, green chili, coriander, garlic, ginger, lime juice, olive oil and cilantro. The garbanzo beans are pureed and kept aside. Meanwhile, the other ingredients excluding cilantro and lemon juice are fried and combined with pureed beans, and served after adding the lemon juice and cilantro. The thickness of the soup can be altered by addition of chicken broth, water or vegetable broth and it is recommended to cook it for some time to intensify its flavors. If it is served as a course of buffet dinner then mostly this ginger soup variant is topped with fresh cream or a dollop of yogurt.