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Cream Of Sausage Soup

Cream of Sausage Soup is a chunky, thick and dense soup-dish made with meat sausage of choice as the main ingredient. The soup owes its creamy and smooth texture and base to the use of heavy cream, oil, butter and milk as essential ingredients. These are often used in combination with each other. To add more flavors to the preparation and to make it more filling, additional ingredients are often added. These can range from vegetables and meats to spices and herbs. The Creamy Sausage Soup is a popular winter preparation and is prepared and served almost everywhere in the world.

Cream of Sausage Soup Recipe Overview

Ingredients Used: Ingredients generally used in the preparation of the Creamy Sausage Soup are sausages of choice (fresh, frozen or canned, preferably fresh), broth (chicken or vegetable, preferably homemade), a light seasoning of pepper and salt, heavy cream, butter, oil and milk. Vegetables that complement sausages, like mushroom, tomato, onion, potato, leeks, corn, peas, celery, etc., are added to the soup to make it fuller and richer. Some recipes call for the use of meats as well, chicken, seafood and ham being the most popular. The sausages used in the dish depend on personal preferences as well as the recipe. These can be of a single type of meat or a combination of two or more types. To spice the dish, kitchen spices and herbs are added, thyme, rosemary, paprika, white pepper, ginger, garlic, cumin, allspice and coriander, to name a few, being the most popular. To make the base richer and thicker, egg yolk, cheese or flour is added at times.

Preparation Overview: Cream of Sausage Soup is a fairly easy preparation and it takes about 30 minutes to prepare 3 to 4 servings. To make the soup, the sausages (and other meats and/or vegetables, if used) are cleaned, chopped and quickly stir-fried in butter or oil for some minutes. The fried ingredients are then mixed with the cream, oil, butter and milk. The mixture is blended for a few seconds and transferred to a cooking pot. The pot is placed over direct heat, on a stove or a hot plate, and the soup is cooked till it has reached the desired level of doneness.

Popular Cream of Sausage Recipe Variations

Creamy Sausage Soup is a very versatile preparation and there are many variations of the traditional recipe. These are mostly based on the ingredients, seasoning and flavoring agents, etc., added to the soup. For people who are lactose intolerant, the soup is made without any milk and/or milk products. These are replaced with coconut milk and olive oil. Also, to cut down the fat and calorie levels of the dish and make it suitable for those on a diet or those who prefer low-calorie, low-fat foods, butter, heavy cream, milk and oil are replaced with margarine, light cream, skimmed milk and controlled quantities of olive oil. The ingredients added are baked or boiled, not fried.

Creamy Sausage Soup Nutrition

A 200 grams serving of the Cream of Sausage Soup contains about 350 calories, 26.6 grams of fat and 68 milligrams of cholesterol.