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Clear Soup

Clear soup as the name suggests is a soup which has a transparent appearance. It is a variety of soup which is thin and the ingredients used in it are clearly visible.

Origin of Clear Soup Recipe

The recipe for this soup is said to have been existed from the time cooking started. The preparation of meat, vegetables and cereals in a pot has been popular in all food cultures. The soup is being used from the time since the time thickening agents were not in use and had not arrived in the markets. As time passed by experiments have been made and today a long list of popular soups of this kind are available globally.

Ingredients used and Popular Methods of Preparing the Soup

There are a number of recipes for making this transparent soup. Vegetables, meat, fish and pulses are the major ingredients used for making it. It can be a pure vegetarian or non-vegetarian soup or a mixture of vegetables and fish or meat. The ingredients are ideally boiled together to come to an end result of a clear broth full of flavor. Spices and herbs are also added to give the soup an intense flavor. The ingredients can be left in the broth or can be strained away.

At home the soup is ideally prepared on a hob. However, in few restaurants and in few cultures the soup is prepared in a pot over an open fire.

Serving and Eating Clear Soups

The soup can be served as a snack or as an appetizer. It is refreshing yet not too filling. However to make the soup a meal one needs to serve a number of accompaniments with it. Bread is a popular accompaniment to be served with soup.

This soup can be consumed as part of lunch or dinner and also as mid-morning or evening snack. If a hot clear soup is served it is relished during the cold season whereas during summers a cup of cold soup can be relished.

Popular Variations of Clear Soup Recipe

Although the basic recipe remains unaltered, ingredients are added or subtracted and also cooking methods are changed to create a number of such soups. Sometimes the same soup is served with a different type of garnish to enhance its look and taste.

Apart from the original ingredients used to make this kind of soup, nowadays carbohydrates like rice and noodles are also added to the soups to make it a complete meal in itself.

There are two most popular variations of this soup – consommé and bouillon. French onion soup, Japanese miso soup and tom yum are some popular and much preferred clear soups.

Health and Nutrition Facts of the Clear Soup dish

This soup is a very healthy dish and is equally prescribed for healthy and ailing people. A bowl of any kind of clear soup has fewer calories and is good for both adults and children