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Buttermilk Soup

Buttermilk soup is prepared with a fermented dairy product (buttermilk), which is characterized by a slightly sour taste. This soup is a part of almost all cuisines, but, most commonly buttermilk soup is found in the American, Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern cuisines, as buttermilk can be easily produced in the warmer climates which predominate the climates of these regions. However, exceptions are Scandinavia and Netherlands, two regions, which are also famous for their buttermilk soups, despite having cold climate.

Buttermilk is a tart ingredient, hence, makes for a suitable replacement of sour cream. It is also easy to blend it with any stock and combination of ingredients, to get the desired taste.

Buttermilk Soup Recipe: Ingredients and Preparation Overview

Buttermilk soup is prepared with a healthy combination of vegetables or meats. Radish, spinach, onion, potato, squash and cucumber are the main vegetables used to make various buttermilk soups. Among the meats, chicken and lamb are the most common.

Seasonings are very minimal including salt, pepper, cumin and quite often,sea salt.

Buttermilk soup can be prepared with any vegetable or meat stock that is used to simmer meat and vegetable pieces with seasonings. Buttermilk is usually added once the whole cooking process is over and the soup is almost ready. After the addition of the buttermilk, the soup is just heated, not boiled though as that may spoil the sour taste of the fermented buttermilk.

Serving Buttermilk Soup

Buttermilk soup is served both hot and chilled. It makes for a healthy appetizer. A slice of fresh bread or a topping of croutons go quite well with buttermilk soups.

Popular Buttermilk Soups

  • Buttermilk squash soup – This soup is touted by many as an ideal summer soup when prepared with yellow squash. The hint of tart buttermilk is the highlight of this soup with the seasoning of cumin. It can be served both hot and cold.

  • Red pepper and buttermilk soup – The redness of tomatoes and pepper gives this soup a nice color with the sour buttermilk as a tasty addition. The pepper can be used either roasted or plain. Plain peppers provide a crispier and chili flavor to the soup, whereas, the roasted peppers inculcate an intense flavor to the dish. This soup tastes good both hot and chilled.

  • Chilled Lettuce soup with buttermilk – Lettuce leaf seasoned with buttermilk is an age-old favorite of the Americans and this chilled soup incorporates the same flavor. The lettuce leaves are sautéed in butter until wilted and combined with buttermilk and other ingredients, blended into a puree and served as chilled buttermilk soup.