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Bean Sprout Soup

Bean sprout soup is an Asian creation with the inclusions of any kind of sprouts ranging from mung bean to soy bean. Bean sprout is a healthy ingredient for almost all kind of dishes and in soups they are cooked with a combination of meats, vegetables and seasonings.

Besides the nutritional worth attached with the beans, the sprouting appends a delicate sweet taste to the soup and lessens the normal gastronomic distress associated with most of the beans.

Preparation of Bean Sprout Soups

Any sprouted beans can be incorporated to make bean sprout soup. Most commonly soy bean sprouts known as ‘kongnamul’ in Korea and China and blanched mung beans (sukjunamul) in Korea are used to make some of the healthiest Asian sprout soups.

For soup, a stock is required that is generally prepared by boiling any kind of meat such as lamb, chicken or pork, and a variety of vegetables including carrot, turnip, spinach or zucchini. The most commonly used seasonings for these soups are oregano, parsley, black pepper, salt and bay leaf. Onion, garlic, tomatoes, soy sauce and vinegar are the flavor enhancers for almost all bean sprout soups.

Bean sprouts are normally sprouted beforehand, combined with stock and other ingredients and simmered until the soup reaches a desired consistency and flavor. Seasonings may be adjusted at the time of serving.

Popular Bean Sprout Soups

  • Kongnamukul guk – A simple bean sprout soup in Korea, often prepared with anchovies and kelp. Bean sprouts are cooked in the broth made with anchovies and kelp. Crushed garlic and salt are added for the seasoning.

  • Indian soup with bean sprout – It is a mildly flavored warm soup prepared with bean sprouts simmered in stock along with buttermilk, bay leafs and other seasonings. Vegetables may also be added in the soup to make it extra nourishing.

  • Kimchee and bean sprouts soup – It is a healthy Korean soup comprising bean sprouts, Korean stock and kimchee. Salt is added with care as most of the kimchees contain sea salt.

Nutritional Facts Related To Bean Sprout Soups

The nutritional content of the bean sprout soup varies with the inclusions of several ingredients. Bean sprout alone is a rich source of protein and dietary fiber. It is also low in calories and cholesterol, but the method of cooking and ingredients used in the soup changes the nutritional worth of the dish significantly.


Bean sprout soup often helps in recovering from alcohol hangover, as the sprout roots contain high asparagines that assist in reducing acetaldehyde, which is formed normally in the body after drinking alcohol.