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Basil Soup

Basil soup is a Chinese dish usually made with basil, a highly flavorful herb, in combination with vegetables. The Chinese use fresh or dried basil in their soups, while the Taiwanese garnish their thick soups of Chinese origin with fresh basil sprigs. In many other countries including those of the western world, basil is used as a flavoring agent for soups.

Preparation of Basil Soup

Basil soup is generally prepared using vegetables in combination with basil. Popularly, tomato is the vegetable of choice for partnering with basil in the soup. A basic recipe of the dish is made by garnishing the seasoned and pureed cooked vegetable with rolled or sliced fresh basil which imparts the strongly appealing aroma.

Serving Basil Soup

Basil soup, with its refreshingly pungent and sweet aroma is ideal for warming up on a cold winter evening. Besides, this herb which is known as a curative herb for many cold-related ailments is most suited for consumption in cold weather regions.

Tomato basil soup may be served as an accompaniment to cheese toasts, crusty bread or salads. It can also be served with Pinot Grigio, Cabernet or Savignon Blanc.

Basil Soup Recipes

Popular basil soup recipes include those made with spinach and zucchini, apart from tomato.