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Dandelion Soup

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  Potatoes 3⁄4 Pound
  Dandelion leaves 6 Ounce
  Egg yolks 2
  Butter 1 Tablespoon
  Fried bread 1 Cup (16 tbs)

Into a casserole put 3 pints of water, the potatoes, sliced, and the dandelion leaves, chopped very fine.
Add salt.
Cover, and boil for 2 hours on a gentle heat.
Mix the yolks of egg with melted butter in the bottom of the tureen just before serving; then pour the soup in gradually.
Into each soup plate put the little pieces of bread fried in butter.
If you like specially if there are childrenyou can thin the yolks of egg with milk.
Note on Dandelions: Strange as it sounds, young dandelion leaves make excellent soups and salads the latter with a plain oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, dressing on them.
Only the small tender leaves are used, when they are just beginning to sprout.
French people often "blanch" them, by earthing them up, or putting a flower-pot over them, as we do leeks and celery.
Worth trying.

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