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Sweet Potato Pumpkin Thick Soup

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This Halloween recipe is for a pumpkin and sweet potato soup. This potato soup recipe with pumpkin is a great recipe for Halloween.
  Pumpkin flesh 200 Gram
  Sweet potatoes 400 Gram
  Vegetable stock 500 Milliliter
  Double cream 30 Milliliter (For Garnishing)
  Cracked black pepper 1 Pinch (For Garnishing)
  Sea salt To Taste
  Star anise 1⁄2 Medium
  Bay leaf 1 Small
  Thyme sprig 1 Medium
  Parsley stalks 6 Medium

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A fancy thick pumpkin soup is now only minutes away! Let this video guide you to making a simple yet deliciously creamy orangish soup with nothing but only potatoes, pumpkin, herbs and seasonings. Highly nutritious and delightfully simple.

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