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Ozoni Soup

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Today, we are going to see how to make Ozoni Soup or Japanese rice cake soup. Its clear look gives it a beautiful presentation. It is actually dashi stock with vegetables and chicken pieces. Ozoni soup is a traditional soup usually served on Japanese New year.
  Kirimochi 4 (Rice Cake)
  Chicken meat 1 2⁄3 Ounce (50g)
  Daikon radish 1
  Carrot 1
  Satoimo 1 (Japanese Taro)
  Shiitake mushrooms 2
  Komatsuna spinach 2 3⁄20 Ounce (60g, Japanese Mustard Spinach)
  Kamaboko 1 (Steamed Fish Cake)
  Yuzu peel 1
  Ozoni soup stock 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs) (serves 4 - amount easy to make)
  Kombu kelp 2⁄3 Ounce (20g)
  Katsuobushi 2⁄3 Ounce (20g, Dried Bonito Flakes)
  Water 4 13⁄20 Cup (74.4 tbs) (1100ml)
  Salt 1⁄2 Teaspoon
  Usukuchi shoyu 1 Teaspoon (Soy Sauce, saltier and lighter in color than koikuchi)

1. First prepare the kombu kelp. Both the kombu kelp to remove dust and put them in a large pot.
2. Add water to the kombu kelp and soak for 30 minutes.
3. Slice the chicken into small pieces.
4. Slice the diakon and cut into ¼ rounds
5. Slice the carrots into round.
6. Cut the carrot using a plum blossom shape cutter.
7. Cut between the petals to give it a plum petal shape.
8. Cut the top and bottom of prewashed satoimo. Cut it in half.
9. Cut the ends of shiitake mushrooms, make cuts in the cap of the mushroom and make star shape pattern.
10. Remove the kamaboko from the outer wrapping. Separate the kamaboko from the base with the help of a knife.
11. Slice the kamaboko in zig zag pattern.
12. Shave thin slice of yuzu peel and trim it into rectangles.
13. Make slits on two ends of the rectangular yuzu peel, bring out the ends and shape it into a triangle.
14. To cook the komatsuna, add salt to boiling water, cook the stems first and immerse the leaf next.
15. Cook the komatsuna and let it cool in cold water.
16. Drain the komatsuna well.
17. Cut it into 1 ½ inch pieces.
18. To steam the veggies, turn off the burner and place the satoimo, daikon raddish and carrot inside.
19. Replace the lid and turn on the burner.
20. When the daikon and the carrots are cooked, remove them from the steamer. Satoimo takes longer to cook.
21. Peel the satoimo when it is cooked.
22. Heat the kirimochi in a microwave until lightly brown.
23. Heat the pot of Kombu kelp and remove the kombu kelp as soon as the water starts to boil.
24. When the soup starts to boil, turn off the burner and add the bonito flakes.
25. Soak them in Kombu dashi stock for 3 minutes.
26. Strain the stock through paper towel. Don’t throw away the kombu kelp and bonito flakes for another recipe.
27. Pour the dashi stock in a pot and turn on the stove.
28. Add salt and soy sauce. Don’t add the salt and soy sauce all at once, taste the stock and adjust the salt and sauce to your own liking.
29. Add the chicken meat to the soup stock.
30. When the chicken is lightly colored, add the shiitake mushrooms, daikon radish, carrot, satoimo and kamaboko to the soup stock.
31. Warm up the toasted kirimochi in the soup.
32. Bring the ingredients into a bowl.
33. Heat the komatsuna in the soup and place it in your bowl.
34. Garnish with Yuzu peel and finally pour the ozoni soup over the ingredients.

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Japanese Rice Cake Soup
Need appetizer ideas for the Japanese new year party?? There is no better way to kick start the Japanese new year than to treat your family to this traditional Ozoni soup. Here's a great video that shows a clear, step wise guide on how to prepare this traditional Japanese delicacy. Watch the video now.

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Ozoni Soup Recipe, Japanese Rice Cake Soup