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Walnut Acres' Black Bean Soup

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This Walnut Acres' Black Bean Soup needs two main ingredients-black beans (of course) and smoked ham. This is a mouth-watering recipe for Walnut Acres' Black Bean Soup. Truly tasty!
  Organic black beans 1 Pound (455 Gram)
  Smoked ham hocks 2
  Water 1 9⁄10 Liter (8 Cups)
  Ground celery seed 1 Teaspoon (5 Milliliter)
  Salt 1 Teaspoon (5 Milliliter)
  Beef broth 480 Milliliter (2 Cups)
  Organic extra virgin olive oil 25 Milliliter (1 1/2 Tablespoon)
  Green peppers 355 Milliliter, cored, seeded and finely chopped (1 1/2 Cups)
  Onions 355 Milliliter, finely chopped (1 1/2 Cups)
  Garlic 25 Milliliter, finely minced (1 1/2 Tablespoon)
  Ground cinnamon 1 1⁄2 Teaspoon (8 Milliliter)
  Cayenne powder 1 Pinch (Adjust Quantity As Per Taste)
  Canned organic whole tomatoes 32 Ounce, diced, with juice (2 Cans, 16 Ounce Each / 960 Gram)
  Red wine vinegar 60 Milliliter (1/4 Cup)

Place beans, ham hocks, water, celery seed and salt in heavy kettle.
Bring to boil; cover and simmer about 2 1/2 hours or until beans are thoroughly tender.
Remove ham hocks; set aside.
Drain beans and reserve along with meat and cooking liquid.
There should be about 6 cups of beans and several cups of liquid.
Add enough broth to make 4 cups of liquid.
Combine the beans with liquid in large bowl.
Heat oil in heavy kettle; add peppers, onions, garlic, cumin and cayenne.
Cook, stirring until onions are wilted.
Add tomatoes and vinegar.
Let simmer about 15 minutes.
Meanwhile, remove and discard skin and bones from ham hocks.
Chop ham; set aside.
Add bean mixture to cooked tomato mixture.
Add chopped meat.
Simmer until thoroughly heated.

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Walnut Acres' Black Bean Soup Recipe