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Raspberry And Orange Sorbet

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This is a pretty simple and delectable sorbet recipe. Cool and refreshing perfect for any warm day. Raspberries and oranges can be replaced with most any other fruit, except for a few tropical fruits which have a specific enzyme in them that will prevent the sorbet or ice cream from freezing.
  Raspberries 1 Pound
  Oranges 1 (1 for zest and garnish)
  Simple syrup 2 Cup (32 tbs) (equal parts sugar and water boiled until the sugar is complete dissolved)
  Rum 6 Ounce
  Water 1 Cup (16 tbs)

Place the raspberries and the 2 oranges, cut in half and juiced into a large pot on medium heat. Then take off the skin and add the rest of the orange into the pot with juice and raspberries. Top off with enough water to cover the top by about a half inch. Cover the pot and leave on medium heat for about an hour, or until all the fruit has cooked down and water is no longer clearly separable from the fruit. While the fruit is cooking make your simple syrup by placing equal parts sugar and water in a sauce pan and letting it boil until the sugar is dissolved. Turn off and let sit until needed. When the fruit is finished cooking take it off the burner and let cool for a few minutes. The pour through a strainer small enough to catch all of the raspberry seeds, unless one enjoys them. Add in rum and simple syrup to taste, if too sweet add in a small amount of water and be sure to mix it really well. Be careful about the amount of alcohol put in, because if there is too much then the sorbet won't freeze. Then pour the liquid into a ice cream maker if one has, or into a hotel pan and place in a freezer. Every 15 to 20 minutes make sure to agitate with a spoon and by shaking the pan. This will give the sorbet that smooth texture. When the sorbet has reached the desired texture serve on a bed or thinly sliced oranges and toped with orange zest and a piece of fresh mint. Enjoy.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Preparation Time: 
80 Minutes
Cook Time: 
80 Minutes
Ready In: 
160 Minutes
Rasberry Orange Sorbet

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Looks great .... so what kind of rum is your favorite ? The Tortilla Guy