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Soda is a type sugary drink that comprises of 0% alcohol and could be referred as a normal soft drink. Also called as pop or soda pop, Soda is mostly carbonated in nature. Mostly consumed chilled, Soda is also preferred to be in normal room temperature. Mixed with various flavors, soda can be treated as different kinds of soft drinks such as iced tea, cola, lemonade, sparkling water, flavored water and sweet tea. Moreover, it also likes by youngsters as squash, root beer, fruit punch, orange soda, cream soda and grape soda.

Being total alcohol free, soda is also known as soft drink, as soft is the exact opposite of hard drink. Furthermore, soda is also used in the making of various recipes such as Soda Float, Club Soda Waffle, Soda Cracker Bar, Whole Wheat Soda Bread, Chocolate Ice Cream Soda, Club Soda Pancake, Diet Soda Cake, Jarrito Soda and Pancake Baking Soda.