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Stuffed Shrimp

Stuffed shrimp is a savory and flavorful shrimp based dish prepared by stuffing shrimp with distinct ingredients consisting of some form of meat or vegetable, seasonings, herbs, and often, sherry or white wine. Bread crumbs or crushed crackers are also often used as one the vital shrimp stuffing ingredients. The shrimps are first prepared by getting rid of their veins and shells, while retaining their tails. They are then stuffed with clams, mushrooms, or crab, along with other ingredients. An interesting variant of the dish suggests stuffing shrimp with shrimp. Though stuffed shrimps are often baked in oven, one of the recipe variants suggests frying them in hot oil.

Preparation Overview of Stuffed Shrimp

The ingredients suggested as per a popular stuffed shrimp recipe consist of shrimp, crushed crackers, melted butter, lemon juice, salt, pepper, white wine, garlic powder, and paprika.

The preparation process suggests splitting open shrimp, and getting rid of its shells and veins, before washing it and baking it in oven. Some butter is brushed all over the shrimp before they are baked. Once baked, the shrimp is stuffed with a mix of all the remaining ingredients, and baked again for a few minutes before serving the dish hot. Any left out cracker mix can be poured over the stuffed shrimp before baking.

Stuffed Shrimp Recipe Variations

The section below discusses about a few popular stuffed shrimp variations:

  • Crab stuffed shrimp- the shrimp stuffing for this dish is prepared by combining crab meat with scallions, celery, soy sauce, and bread crumbs. The centre of the shrimp is filled with this stuffing mix; the shrimp is then pressed from the sides dipped in flour mix (a mix of salt, pepper, and flour) and then in beaten eggs; coated with dried breadcrumbs; and then refrigerated for around an hour before frying it in oil until golden brown. The dish is popularly served with lemon wedges.

  • Shrimp stuffed with shrimp - The recipe for this dish suggests using two different kinds of shrimp, viz. small sized and large ones, with the small ones used as one of the shrimp stuffing ingredients and the large sized shrimp used for filling with the stuffing mix. Small sized shrimps are combined with a mix of sherry (white wine), crackers, seasonings, butter, and parsley, and spooned into large sized shrimps having a deep slit. The stuffed shrimps are then baked and served after garnishing them with parsley and lemon juice.

  • Mushroom stuffed shrimp- this dish is prepared by stuffing shrimp with a mix of chopped mushrooms, green onions, butter, chopped parsley, green onions, scallop, crackers, cream, and sherry. The stuffed shrimps are baked after sprinkling paprika and drizzling butter on top.

  • Clam based variant- the stuffing mix for this dish is a mixture of clams (with liquid), crushed crackers, butter, garlic powder, pepper, salt, and parsley. The shrimps are stuffed with this mix, and baked after pouring sherry all around the shrimps arranged in a baking sheet.

Serving Stuffed Shrimps

Stuffed shrimp is often served after garnishing it with parsley and lemon wedges.