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Shrimp Po Boy

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Here is what the Foodnetwork said about me. Please let the people speak. Tell me what you think. I will admit that I was a little over the top. This is a life changing event for me. So stage fright was not an issue, but just trying too hard was an issue. But it is what is it is. Sometimes you get kicked in the butt when your trying to out of the norm. As I did my research on TV I have come to this conclusion. They are scared to make changes or give others a chance. Think about it. Ollie

Fry and watch the video.

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Difficulty Level: 
Main Dish
Preparation Time: 
20 Minutes
Cook Time: 
20 Minutes
Ready In: 
40 Minutes
I watched the Cooking with Ollie clip and shared it with some other folks here. I think John appears very comfortable on camera and has an inviting personality and some basic food knowlege. The key areas he needs to work on are becoming a bit more sophisticated with his humor and further deeping his culinary knowledge. He has some aspects of Alton Brown from Good Eats and George Duran from Ham on the Street, but I'd ask him to watch a few episodes of those shows to get a feel for the kind of smart humor that appeals to our mostly 30 and 40 something female audience. I fear that some of John's humor may come off a bit too immature to our audience - e.g. the Jesse Jackson flatulence joke. John also needs to develop a unique food angle or hook. For example Rachael Ray is all about doing things quick (30 minute meals) and cheap ($40 a Day). Alton Brown is all about food and science. Bobby Flay is all about competing with food (Throwdown and Iron Chef). Is John's hook food and comedy? So we don't think he's ready yet for Food Network yet, but I encourage you to continue development. The DVD was a good first attempt.

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I liked your bubbly attitude. Keep posting.
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I don't agreed with what you saying about Chef John. To me Chef John is very knowledgeable in cooking which I find that his food is delicious and tasty. I even buy his cookbook after tried almost all of his recipe. I also tried using recipes before on my cooking, but not all posted recipes are a good one. Some of it taste awful. As an audience, I don't think Chef John humour is a bit immature. Come on! His jokes I think is a truly mature people humour. If you are immature, then you might think that he is a bit immature. Dissapointed with comment on Chef John. I will boycott your webpage from today on my cooking.
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Hey Susan!I think this is Ollie's way of looking at Chef John and not what thinks of Chef John. Ollie has used this website as a platform to share his first submission to foodnetwork and his views. As you may agree, everyone person has the right to perceive things the way they want. :) Have a great day!
Shrimp Po Boy Recipe