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The Butcher: Ray's Advice for How to Save on Meat

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While I may have started in Fairway produce (legend has it that my mother made baby food from scratch), it is the meat department that has become my favorite department of the store. At four I ate my first whole prime shell steak so I know a little bit about a good steak. Right now I am infatuated with our all natural Tall Grass line of beef. It is exclusive to us in the Northeast and when I am grilling a burger at home, it is a good bet it is a Tall Grass burger.Our meat director and master butcher Ray Venezia is a third-generation butcher and is widely considered one of the best in his profession. Each week he hand selects every piece of prime meat that is deemed worthy of display in our cases. It has been his hard work that has made our meat department the best in the country. Ray's Tip: Look for markets and shops that have meat cutters at the counter. Buying in bulk and having the counter person cut the meat for you delivers extra cost savings.

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The Butcher: Ray's Advice For How To Save On Meat Video