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Should We Avoid Buying Expensive, Unseasonal Fruits & Vegetables?

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We often noticed that expensive, unseasonal fruits and vegetables are more costly than the seasonal ones. Yet, we go for those unseasonal fruits and vegetables. Do you think if it is a good idea to buy these unseasonal fruits and vegetables?



Fresh Fruits & Vegetables


There are many reasons why we should not waste our hard-earned money on expensive, unseasonal fruits and vegetables. First of all, their nutritional contents are next to nothing when they reach our refrigerators, as the moment a fruit is plucked off the tree it starts losing its nutritional contents. So, fresh and seasonal fruit will always have the maximum nutritional value. Moreover, nature has fashioned fruit in such a way that they give us all that we need in that particular season. For example, watermelons are available in the summer season which contains 80 percent water and electrolytes, exactly what we need in the harsh summer months.
Hence, it’s always good to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. They are not only cheap but also contain high nutritional values. Eat healthy, stay healthy!



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Should We Avoid Buying Expensive, Unseasonal Fruits & Vegetables?