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Gift Ideas for Holidays

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Susan Doherty shares some great holiday gifts and ‘must haves’ ideas in this episode of Six Minutes Style.

The first must have is the jelly sticky pad.

• It is meant for the dashboard of your car where you might put your cell phone, mp3 player or glasses. These objects have a tendency to float around but the sticky pad ($8.99) can hold these items nice and firmly when they are placed on it and it sticks to the dashboard just as the items stick to it.

The next gift idea is the egg shaped pot.

• This little pot that has a face painted ($9.99) on it can be a great gift for children or for an office desk.

• It is a little egg shaped pot that can be filled with a little earth and planted with seeds that come along with it. The seeds grow to green and soft grass that stick out of the pot. It is a low maintenance plant and a cool gift.

The next fun idea is the movie gift certificate.

• This can be a thoughtful gift for your mail man or the paper delivery boy. It has offers like discounts and ‘buy one get one free’ for snacks at the movie theater and is a fun gift.

The next gift idea is branded flannel sheets for the winter season.

• These sheets hold up well, wash after wash and they are super soft and feathery light. So that is another elegant gift idea.

The next gift idea is a theme cookbook.

• It can be for someone you know who loves to cook. It can be on any cooking theme. Susan shows us a ‘just one pot’ recipe cookbook that has great one pot meal ideas and she couples it with a stock pot.
• You can get cookbooks on baking or oriental dishes and couple them with a new baking tray, sheet or exotic pottery or cutlery.

The gift idea that Susan gives out is a box of ‘posh chicolat’.

• These are handcrafted holiday chocolates with assorted flavors.
• They are 100% organic and made from the freshest and best ingredients. You are sure to leave your friends and office superiors ‘wowed’ with this gift.

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Holiday Gifts Ideas
Susan Doherty shares some great holiday gifts and ‘must haves’ ideas in this episode of Six minutes style. She is talking about jelly sticky pad, egg shaped pot branded flannel sheets, themed cookbook and movie gift certificate.

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