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Farmer’s Market – off I go for a great buy

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The farmer’s market is a really wonderful place. I am sure most of you would agree with me entirely. I just love to make visits to this great place where every visit is a feast for the eyes, so colorful and everything in plenty that is what I love. I have been enjoying my visits there and now with the rising prices and everything hitting the roof the farmer’s market sure is a place to get some good bargains. Eat locally and feast on the seasonal produce is what I have decided to do.

 The farmer’s market also provides the advantage of buying right from the person who has grown it. The creator knows best and so you can gather all the information about the product straight from the horse’s mouth. Make the most at the farmer’s market with these tips that I have gained from my frequent visits there.

1- There is one rule here that holds true each time(it has truly stood the test of time). Go early and you would get the freshest of things and quality is at its peak. However, if you want to pick up in bulk for your squashes and sauces, go late and you will be able to strike a good deal.

2- Bring your own bag. Your seller may not offer a bag and even if he does it may just give way under the weight of the things. It is best to carry a big sturdy bag that would see to it that all you buy reaches home safe and sound and in one piece.

3- I like to make up my menu for the week and so I pick up all that I would need to put my meals together. Plan in advance and it would sure save you a lot on time, effort and of course money.

4- Make the most of the seasonal fruits and veggies. Buy in bulk so you would get the price advantage with the attractive market rates and make jams, sauces, squashes and pickles that would last you till the next season. A wonderful way to enjoy seasonal vegetables and fruits all year round.

5- Planning is one thing, but in a farmer’s market you need to also just keep your eyes open. You might just come across something interesting if you look around and not just stick to that on your list.

A trip to the farmer’s market is truly worth it. If you haven’t been to one yet try it and you are surely going to be all praise for this interesting place. Carry change with you, helps to pay exact change (it would save you a lot of time than having to wrangle with the sellers). Make a trip and start experimenting with all the interesting recipes that you have bookmarked to try some day.

What is your tip to a successful and wonderful visit to the farmer’s market?

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Farmer’s Market – Off I Go For A Great Buy