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Michelle Obama Buying Groceries



Michelle Obama is trying her best to improve the health of obese Americans. Here is her latest endeavor- a cheat sheet on what to buy and how to buy food from a supermarket.


The First Lady also happens to be the chief shopper when it comes to her family. Here are a few pointers suggested by her.


  • Prepare a List before you go shopping.
  • Check out the essential areas of the supermarket first.
  • Eat properly before you shop.
  • Buy in bulk. This will help you get cheaper bargains.
  • Buy seasonal produces only. This will ensure your health I a big way.
  • Processed and packaged foods are an absolute o-no.
  • Say NO to sugar laden cookies, soda pops and fast foods.


 ‘Let’s Move’ and get rid of our surplus weight. The First Lady wants a fit America not a fat one. Let us make an effort by shopping right!


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Michelle Obama Shares Shopping Guidelines