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Tips for Picking Ripe Fruits

Is your fruit ripe and ready to eat? Here are Kristina's easy tips to make sure that you taste the sweetest sugars!

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of Rawfully Organic ( and FullyRaw ( teaches you how to pick the ripest fruit and eat it at its peak.

Kristina runs Rawfully Organic in Houston, currently the largest raw foods co-op in the U.S., dedicated to help communities co-operate and share in seasonal and affordable bounty.

When picking ripe fruit, it is essential for the fruit to appeal to your five senses:

Sight---richer colors
Smell sweeter to the sniffle
Touch softer to the touch
Taste tastes sweeter
Noise listening for ripe fruits

Ripe fruit not only tastes sweeter, but also has more nutritional value. The starches from unripe fruits are converted to sugars that are more easily used by the body. These sugar are carbohydrates that keep you better fueled for the day.
In addition, fruits bring you more bang for your buck in the sense of nutritional value in regards to how much that you are actually getting from your food. You get a LOT!

In this video, Kristina displays the majority of fruits that you will find available to you to eat, and these fruits are essential to get a good variety when going raw.

She has taken a combination of the produce available from the Rawfully Organic box as well as included a few more specialty items to show you. You will be able to find most of these available to you depending on where you live. This is to help you know when to eat your fruit ripe. These are easy fruit ripening tips! It's the Ripe Fruit for You!

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Tips For Picking Ripe Fruits Video