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Guide to Shopping


5 Guidelines for Shopping

1) Go with a list – To avoid the trap of the wanderer, go prepared with a list of things that you will need to pick up. This requires planning ahead a little, but it will save you time and money is well worth a little extra effort. Lastly, stick to your list and don’t be swayed by those clever advertisements for things you don’t need.


2) Shop in sections – Divide and conquer is the name of the game. Start by getting those items that will not smash or otherwise get harmed. Things like canned goods can form a solid base in the cart or basket for the other items. Bread, eggs and other fragile items are best left on top so they don’t get damaged.


3) Group your purchases – Don’t go from one end of the store to the other, over and over again, that just wastes valuable time and ends up making you hate shopping (I know I have been there). Plan your trip and then stick to your plan. Go from one side of the store to the other so that you essentially make one loop. It is impossible to do a guide for every person because each store is different and each person buys different items. But just know that this may take you a time or two, but you’ll get it and it will become easier each time you go. Within a trip or two you will have a routine and a realistic timeframe of how long you will be in the store.


4) Avoid Cross Contamination – Do not put raw meat or chicken around or with raw fruits and vegetables. Even a little mistake like this can get you very sick.


5) Frozen Items Last – Frozen items are that way for a reason. Make sure that you don’t let them thaw out too much otherwise some products may not be worth using. To avoid this make sure that you get these products last so they can stay frozen longer and thus maintain the product integrity longer too.



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Guide To Shopping