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Is it worth it to buy Fresh Ricotta Cheese?

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The first time that I tasted Fresh Ricotta, known as Ricotta Fresca in Italian, my tongue fell in love!

That was 2 years ago when I first moved to Naples, Italy. Now every Wednesday I try to make it to the local outdoor market to buy “Una Fascia de Ricotta Fresca!” One package of Fresh Ricotta Cheese! It’s usually sold and wrapped up in white paper for about 1 Euro (equivalent to $1.40) here in Italy, a little more in the U.S.

Fresh Ricotta is lighter and creamier than the Ricotta packaged in those plastic tubs you find in the dairy section of the grocery store.

When buying the Fresh stuff, the smell should be clean and white, if it smells sour or starts turning yellow, it’s time to retire it to the trash can.

You can purchase this in a deli, usually one of the health food stores or one that deals in more exclusive items.

The great thing about the Fresh Ricotta is that it has NO preservatives, which is why it lasts only for a couple days, but you can definitely tell the difference, a little sweet and not liquidy like the preserved stuff.

So how do I like to eat mine? On a Tomato Basil cracker with a piece of sun dried tomato on top! WARNING: once you try Fresh Ricotta Cheese you may never be satisfied with the shelf stuff!

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I agree 100%..There is an Italian cheese maker where I live in Germany that produces a fresh ricotta and you are absolutely right about the difference between the fresh & the stuff in the tub.  I prefer the fresh particularly when I use the cheese for ricotta pie or cannoli.   
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nice info about ricotta!
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Tamara you are cool. No doubts fresh is better than preserved always!
Is It Worth It To Buy Fresh Ricotta Cheese?